Péter Sárközi, WAS

Web Accessibility Testing

What does mobile and web accessibility means?

Accessibility of websites and mobile applications are no longer the yellow-black/ high contrast alternatives. A significant portion of these so called accessible alternatives do not meet today’s standards and requirements. Instead of providing help they make it even more difficult or impossible to navigate. The goal is to create a website or application that serves all users, providing a similar user experience.

Why make a website or application accessible?

Accessibility is mandatory for a website or application that provides public services. For other websites, accessibility should be considered to maximize traffic and conversions. To be accessible the website needs to be built according to standards. As a result the website becomes more accessible to all types of users and also for search engines.

When to involve an accessibility expert in the project?

It is advised to consult an accessibility expert during the preparation of the project. It is mandatory to choose an accessible framework (or any other third party content) early on to minimize the resources needed to achive the desired level of accessibility. Accessibility should also be considered when designing the user interface.

What about the accessibility of online documents?

On an accessible website downloadable documents also need to be accessible, so it is advised to integrate accessibility into the workflow.

How does an accessibility test work?

The accessibility test is performed using semi-automated and manual methods. Compliance with some of the requirements, such as having the necessary color contrasts, are very easy to automate. However, there are requirements, such as navigating with the keyboard or using assistive technologies, that require a manual approach. At the end of the test a report is being made about the foundings. The website or application will usually become accessible after several re-measurements. For an accessible website an accessibility statement can be issued.

Is it enough to make a website or application accessible once?

Accessibility must be maintained. Accessibility can be compromised when uploading new content or displaying user content, so it is advised to train the staff managing the website to produce accessible content, and to regularly check the content submitted by users.

Who can I contact to perform an accessibility check on my website or appliacation?

Feel free to contact me. I studied media design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. My graduation project was an accessible user interface for a power wheelchair controller application that won the title of Best Media Design Graduation Project in 2016. I have been a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals since 2020. For the past few years, I worked on the accessibility of public sector websites and applications.

Péter Sárközi, WAS

Péter Sárközi, WAS

Web Accessibility Specialist

Member of IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals)