Péter Sárközi, WAS

The Colors of War


A deserted hospital in the Budapest suburb of Pestujhely. Bulit in 1985 by Tamas Tomay and Levente Varga as the surgery division for the former Soviet Pestujhely Hospital, the buliding was used for barely eight years. In 1993 the equipment was dismantled and it has stood empty ever since. The City of Budapest is the official owner. Nerby an ear, nose and throat clinic is still operating as North Pest Hospital, though most of the grounds – originally bulit by the Hungarian Railroad as a sanatorium, then used after 1945 by the Soviet Army – are not in use.

Hungary was left by the soviet army on June 19, 1991. For those born in the late 80s this is just another page in the history book. The mementos of the military occupation slowly loose their meanings. And what is left if this will happen? Only their colors and their forms.

Year: 2010

Format: 40x60 cm giclée prints, 10 mm wooden panel


  • 2017 I. Photo auction, BÁV Apse Room, Budapest, Hungary, curator: János Bodnár
  • 2014 Selection II, Gogol 9 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, curators: Luca Gőbölyös and Dezső Szabó
  • 2013 Exhibition of Peter Sarkozi, Castro Bistro, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2012 The Abandoned Pestújhely Hospital, Bavarian Pub, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2011 The Colors of War, Novák Photo Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


  • 2011 András Bánkuti: Pictures of the year 2010