Péter Sárközi, WAS



With this video installation I measure the financial and the artistic value of Damien Hirst's diamond skull called 'For the Love of God', which is one of the most expensive contemporary artworks. The installation consists of two parts: a televison and a pedestal. The pedestal holds a glass bowl full of apples. As time passes the apples begin to rot and lose weight. The pedestal measures the weight of these apples, and lowers the opacity of the image on the screen accordingly.

Year: 2013

Format: 40" LED TV, 30x30x90 cm pedestal

Programming: Dénes Sebestyén, Márk Péter Vargha


  • 2015 Conceptions, Random Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, curator: Ágnes Eperjesi
  • 2013 ELSŐK/DIPLOMA, Budapest, Gregersen Palota