Webdesign, Sitebuilding

Simple websites, portals, online magazines, webshops, implementation of WordPress-based websites, banners (facebook ads, google ads, etc.).

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Website Maintenance

Management and maintenance of WordPress-based websites with hourly billing: add new pages and posts, modify existing pages and posts, add or modify products, update WordPress framework, templates, add-ons, resolve update issues.

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Corporate Identity Design

Logo and other corporate identity elements (business card, envelope, folder, letterhead, CD cover, pendrive, car stickers, pen, flyer, product and company catalog, decorations, billboard, roll-up, molino, other promotional items, corporate handbook, etc.).

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Print Design

Graphic design, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, manuals, advertising boards, roll-ups, molinos, newspapers and magazines.

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Mobile application and other software design

Mobile application design for Android and iOS, desktop application design, user interface design.

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Portraits, business portraits, product photography, catalog photography, interior photography and business photography.

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